2-D Artist | Musician | Singer/Songwriter

Cheryl Kaldahl is a multifaceted artist, composer, singer, musician, pianist, and lecturer. She has a unique approach to her creations thanks to her diverse background. She has made guest appearances on national television and radio shows and her music has been featured in documentaries and commercials across the nation.  

Based on scientific research, Cheryl has developed a new sensory experience through the fusion of music and color. She has spent over 30 years developing this process that connects the colors used in her paintings to music and emotion. Currently, she is working on patenting this unique combination of research.

Growing up in Indiana significantly influenced Cheryl's life and creative expression. She finds inspiration in the natural beauty of her surroundings and a walk in the woods can easily awaken her creative spirit. Her father's artistic lineage has influenced her style as she combines his innovative faux painting techniques with her unique flair. Her work is ever-evolving as she blends old and new techniques on her artistic journey.

Cheryl's artwork has been showcased in various exhibitions, collaborations, featured artist events, juried shows, and art fairs worldwide. Her paintings have also been reproduced in the fashion industry resulting in her own Signature Collection of Designer Fashion.

in the press

Music inspires visual art in 'Painting the Music' class

By Amy Long
for The Journal & Courier, 
Published July 31, 2019.  
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